Emergency Survival Seed Bank

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What is it and why do you need one?

If you are like me, then you like food. Food, water and shelter are the 3 basic necessities of life. I bet you carry a BIG insurance policy on your shelter like a house, apartment or yurt. Shouldn’t you do the same for your food supply? If the trucks stopped rolling to your local grocery store what would you do? With a little planning and work, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it. For starters, you need a garden and you have to have seeds to grow a garden. Dark Corner Survival and Bank On Seeds has teamed up to offer you the best seeds possible in their emergency survival seed bank.

An Emergency Survival Seed Bank is a collection of seeds to grow your own vegetable garden should things go south like an economic collapse or some other disaster. Seeds are selected for hardiness, ease of growing and maximum caloric value. The Bank On Seeds Emergency Survival Seed Bank is exactly what you need should times take a turn for the worse.

Bank on Seeds Has What You Need

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Never worry about food security again. The BOS Seed Bank is designed to yield enough food to support a family of four for a year. The seeds are 100% US sourced and have been carefully selected for their resilience, ease of growth, and high yields. They’re stored in a climate controlled environment at <8% humidity for the best possible germination rates and long term viability. The BOS Seed Bank is built to save the seeds from your harvest and continue growing indefinitely, using durable seed capsules instead of flimsy bags. The 172 page grow guide is specific to the varieties included, and addresses common issues like pests, watering, and soil. That way you’ll always have the information you need to produce your crop’s full potential. The BOS Seed Bank comes primed for long term storage, retaining viability much higher than lesser quality systems that may be ineffective or need to be repackaged. The contents are organized in shock absorbent EVA trays, and housed in an ip67 ruggedized case. Waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, and moisture controlled. You can bank on your seeds surviving the worst conditions.

Looking to start growing now? The BOS Seed Bank is the perfect way to start a living seed bank. It includes all the knowledge you need to start growing your own food today, and save the seeds to continue cultivating for years to come. Extra capsules are even included for adding your own varieties or saving seeds from whatever you already might be growing. Keep the BOS Seed Bank around so you always have the varieties you want on hand. Pick and choose when you’re ready to sow, and never worry about seed availability again!

Kit includes:

  • 100 US sourced seed varieties
  • 120 Food grade reusable seed storage containers
  • Weatherproof hard-shell case
  • 172 Page grow guide
  • 20 Peat pods for easy growing
  • Peace of mind at no additional charge!

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